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To provide a unified effort to promote change in Indian Agriculture for the benefit of Indian People.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council conducts a wide range of programs designed to further the goal of improving Indian Agriculture. The IAC promotes the Indian use of Indian resources and contracts with federal agencies to maximize resources for tribal members.

IAC’s 30th Year – Where We Go From Here

February 7, 2017


The Intertribal Agriculture Council was founded in 1987 to pursue and promote the conservation, development and use of our agricultural resources for the betterment of our people. Prior to 1987, American Indian agriculture was seldom heard of outside reservation boundaries. Since that time, IAC has grown to prominence in Indian Country and among the federal government agencies and the agricultural field with which it works on behalf of individual Indian producers and Tribal enterprises.

Join us, in our 30th year, as we continue to promote the Indian use of Indian resources and connect producers with federal agencies to maximize resources for tribal producers. Contact your IAC Regional Technical Assistance Specialist or make plans to attend an event in your region.


Food Sovereignty Symposium and Festival

March 10-12, 2017
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin
This event focuses on Indigenous and broader topics of food sovereignty that impact how communities and individuals control and manage their food systems, and the festival component is a celebration of Indigenous, local, and regional foods.

2017 Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit

April 19-23, 2017
Gun Lake Pottawatomi – Hopkins Michigan
The Spring summit will feature a series of food, agriculture, natural resources, and cultural workshops, as well as an Indigenous foods menu prepared by Native chefs. Register here:

Read about the IAC’s Youth-Led, Youth-Taught Movement here:



For more information, please visit or contact:

Donita A. Fischer
Public Relations Director

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