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To provide a unified effort to promote change in Indian Agriculture for the benefit of Indian People.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council conducts a wide range of programs designed to further the goal of improving Indian Agriculture. The IAC promotes the Indian use of Indian resources and contracts with federal agencies to maximize resources for tribal members.

Intertribal Agriculture Council’s Youth Programs Internship

April 1, 2017

The Intertribal Agriculture Council will offer up to three (3) internship positions to be filled by youth ages 15-18 in each of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountain, Northwestern, and Eastern Oklahoma regions. Youth Programs Interns will work directly with IAC Youth Programs Coordinator, Kelsey Ducheneaux, in coordinating their region’s first Native Youth in Food & Agriculture Leadership Summit. Youth Programs Interns should expect a dynamic learning experience, tailored to their passions and career interests, and can expect to support outreach efforts, programmatic planning, and event facilitation.

Associated tasks will include:

Selected Youth Programs Interns will receive a stipend of $10/hour for up to 100 hours of work, professional development learning opportunities, and academic & career planning assistance. We aim to build this internship in a way that:

– holds youth accountable for working on projects from home, with an opportunity for exposure to their regional and/or national IAC office setting, should the situation permit;

– focuses youth efforts on the coordination of their region’s first Native Youth Leadership Summit, while offering latitude to expand on projects related to their personal interests, through exposure to all aspects of employment by the Intertribal Agriculture Council;

– provides preference to youth that have attended a past youth summit, sanctioned by the Intertribal Agriculture Council or the Indigenous Food & Agriculture Initiative, and to those students pursuing a spot at the 2017 IFAI Leadership Summit for Native Youth in Food & Agriculture (

We look forward to reviewing your internship applications. Internship applications will be open until May 1, 2017, or until positions are filled. Please contact Kelsey Ducheneaux, should you have any questions regarding this application: or 605-850-4079.

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