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To provide a unified effort to promote change in Indian Agriculture for the benefit of Indian People.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council conducts a wide range of programs designed to further the goal of improving Indian Agriculture. The IAC promotes the Indian use of Indian resources and contracts with federal agencies to maximize resources for tribal members.

Running Strong for American Indian Youth is giving away ten $10,000 grants to the next class of Dreamstarters!

December 4, 2017

Running Strong is giving away fifty $10,000 grants over five years to jumpstart the dreams of American Indian youth. Over the past three years, we’ve given out grants to thirty incredible Native young people and witnessed their dreams come to life. Our first three classes have tackled projects around the themes of wellness, arts and culture, and education. Each one of our Dreamstarters has an amazing story, and we’re blown away by their success.

Do you know a Native young person with a dream?

We are currently accepting applications for our fourth class of Dreamstarters around the theme of science and the environment. We’ll choose ten outstanding Native young people (ages 14 – 29) with inspiring projects to give back to their communities and make their dreams come true.

We count on you to help us spread the word to find the next class of Dreamstarters.

We know our next ten talented Dreamstarters are out there, and we need your help to find them. We want to get a diverse and highly qualified applicant pool, so please help us spread the word! Attached you’ll find text you can use in a newsletter or e-blast to your audiences, as well as share images and sample Tweets and Facebook posts to go along with them.

Do you know a young person with a dream project that fits the science and environment theme? Put us in touch.

We’re always happy to share more information about Dreamstarter with potential applicants. If you know someone who might make a great Dreamstarter, please nominate them by sending an email to We’ll send them all the information they’ll need to apply.

I encourage you to also consider joining a Dreamstarter applicant as a mentor organization. Mentors travel with Dreamstarters to Dreamstarter Academy in Washington, D.C. and help manage the grants and bring the projects to life. You’ll also be eligible to apply for an additional $50,000 for previous Dreamstarter projects at the end of the five-year grant period.

For more details about the program and eligibility requirements, please visit, or get in touch with me and the Running Strong staff.

Thank you so much for helping us get out the word.


Lauren Haas Finkelstein
Executive Director
Running Strong for American Indian Youth



This information forwarded to you by the Intertribal Agriculture Council

The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) was founded in 1987 to pursue and promote the conservation, development and use of our agricultural resources for the betterment of our people. Land-based agricultural resources are vital to the economic and social welfare of many Native American and Alaskan Tribes. The IAC has over the last decade become recognized as the most respected voice within the Indian community and government circles on agricultural policies and programs in Indian country.

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Donita A. Fischer
Public Relations Director

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